I recently went on a Haiku binge. Here’s what I wrote.

I walk alone
Nothing is heard
A fire is lit

To cross a pond
Indifferent to me
A path appears

She speaks softly
Birds take flight
I am lost

One who disappeared
Looks another way
Never speaks again

Two clouds compete
The sun sets
No one looks

My attention wanders
A dog barks
I drift further

A waving hand
An unspoken word
A loud conversation

Two people pass
The wind shifts
Lives are changed

The water stills
The heart angers
Fish swim alone

Many stars appear
A voice calls
Questions go unanswered

The breath escapes
The house is quiet
No one remains

The reflection changes
Hours go by
He sits alone

Canvas accepts paint
Paper accepts ink
Who accepts me?

The air is cold
No snow falls
The divide remains

A person walks
The deer runs
No leaves fall

A thought is lost
The kettle whistles
A day begins

Rain falls hard
My hat is dry
I have not left

I see my neighbor
I noticed my hand
Fortunes are lost

Time passes slowly
My clothes wrinkled
There is no rest

I hear crying
No light appears
Forever is gone

Hands are extended
Doors are opened
Air passes through

I look around
The past is gone
I am not there

The sun rises
Grass needs cutting
A petal opens

My book closed
My heart opens
My glass empties

My lover sleeps
A dove flies
Her dreams begin

An embrace shared
The candle dies
The night awakens

Wishing to speak
A book closes
I go unheard

I dance alone
The journey ends
A song begins

My hands tremble
No task required
I am awake

Pages are turned
Nothing is written
Everything has changed

Something is remembered
Nobody is called
An idea born

Two conflicted minds
Take different trains
Days are lost

I sit alone
Two lights on
A crowded room

The music begins
I remember everything
My eyes close

A fire is lit
One log remains
I have today

A pot boils
I fall asleep
Another day begins

I am close
A bell rings
Another idea lost

The pond freezes
I carry wood
The geese return

A friend visits
We sit quietly
Nothing changes

I watch carefully
The trees move
I missed them

Two paths emerge
Step after step
Decides my fate

The darkness falls
Many stars shine
Only one remains

I lost something
Everything is here
I am careless