Overturn Citizen’s United

Please consider sending a message to your Congressional representative urging them to support the overturning of Citizens United. Regardless of your party affiliation, this supreme court ruling is killing our democracy and placing our elections for sale to the highest bidder. https://publiccitizen.salsalabs.org/overturncucalls0/index.html?fbclid=IwAR1zvXj66hT4SHubUmpnAjhLIeiSbWSL3yxwagKJ0xvNK2AKGpWUFVFODnE

Art for Art

I wrote a poem about an artist friend of mine, who is very talented but struggles with the effort required to pursue success. I believe, while it is obviously important to obtain “success”, whatever that means, it is also, and perhaps even more important to appreciate one’s artistic creation simply for its value, and for the pleasure of the creative …

Poetry, Painting With Words

I recently published my first book of poetry, Ramblings of a Common Man. This collection is a result of over 18 months of writing a poem per day. I have always loved writing and challenged myself to write down observations, thoughts, reactions, and memories each day as they occurred to me. Poetry is another art form, almost like painting with …

Another Painting in Another Living Room

Thanks to the incredible team at Lavish (http://www.lavishraleigh.com) for selling this painting last week. Someone walked into their beautiful design studio and just had to have it for their living room. If you are in Raleigh, stop by Lavish in Sutton Square and see all their wonderful offerings and services (and maybe walk out with a John Lowe original).

European Art Magazine

The latest edition of the European online art magazine Peripheral Arteries is out, and I am proud to say my article is included (page 48). You can use the slider bar to navigate directly to it. Please share with your friends and any galleries you may know/frequent. Thanks for the support. https://issuu.com/artpress/docs/biennial.edition.vi

Live Wedding Paintings

Any of my friends out there who have weddings coming up, please consider my great artist friend Dan Nelson, who does live wedding paintings that are incredible. Learn more at https://www.weddingpaintermagic.com/ and tell Dan I sent you.

Great Book Recommendation

Looking for a great motivational book with real-world application and easy to read? Look no further than “What To Do When It’s Your Turn” by Seth Godin. The legendary marketing guru turns his attention to personal marketing with this book. It is full of motivational and challenging statements and examples designed to get you to recognize and take advantage of …

New Direction

As I begin the new year, I wanted to expand on my artwork to include new directions. My first venture is into acrylic flow on glass. I started with these two vases, which came out pretty nicely. Later I will try to use this technique on glass window panes, and well as using larger vases and glass objects. Just increasing …

Big News

I just received acceptance into the Skopelos Artist in Residency Program for 2019 on Skopelos Island, Greece. If that sounds familiar, it was the island where they shot the Mama Mia movies. I will be going for 2 weeks, probably in September. Beautiful location in which to lose oneself in the work and the environment, and to explore an ancient …


Sat by our firepit last evening with my journal book. I bought this journal in Florence, Italy, at an old bookshop next to the Pantheon. It looked so rich and handmade that I could not leave the shop without it. I have been journaling for many years, and have I don’t know how many filled journals in boxes in the …