A Big Blow Coming

They say we have a major hurricane named Florence headed our way. It is on a direct collision course with the Carolina coast, and expected to move inland and hover over us for days, dumping heavy rain and wind. Stores are already being overrun with people preparing for the worst. Lines are long for gas. Even the liquor store shelves are getting empty.

Mother nature is an awesome thing. She does what she wants when she wants to. Hurricanes can be huge and take weeks to develop and arrive. Tornadoes come up quickly, often without much warning, and pass by just as fast. Earthquakes are sudden, rumbling, earth-shattering events. Floods are unstoppable, as water finds its way through anything.

Sometimes I think we easily get angry about the most troubling of Mother Nature, but we take for granted her beauty. For every hurricane, there are countless sunsets. For every earthquake, there is an annual fall full of color. For each tornado, a bouquet of spring flowers. For every flood, the magnificent snow-covered mountains.

Let’s remember, it is all a part of our world. Prepare for the worst, but also appreciate and be grateful for the best.

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