A New Beginning

Welcome to the rebirth of Jlowe Artworks. My goal is to share my work, my thoughts and my creative efforts with whoever may be interested, to engage in a common exploration of creativity, to bring joy to my corner of the world, or at least a diversion, and to go further down the path in my life that is experiencing wonder.

I share this exploration with great curiosity, and as much as possible, without ego attachment. My goals do not include getting rich, being featured in museums, becoming the talk of the art world or being celebrated in any real way. My goal actually is quite simple. To live a creative life, making art, sharing thoughts, and engaging with others. I believe everything else will take care of itself.

I hope you will join my journey as a contributing fellow traveler, and through your contributions, you will enjoy more of your own creative life. Let’s see where this goes.

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