Art in the Woods

I recently visited some old friends at their lake cottage in Maine. They have a wonderful 9-acre property, much of it covered in woodlands. Warren has recently retired from his very successful business of painting lines on parking lots. Sandy, his wife, is a very creative woman, and she has filled their property with whimsical, mystical artwork. There are hanging balls, hidden gnomes, birdhouses, random items like a phone on a tree, Buddha heads, and animals and people carved from wood. It is truly magical to walk through the various paths they have created and to find these treasures placed along the way.

We can all take Sandy’s idea to heart, and decorate our own yards with things that are meaningful to us. We can create our own mystical world and share it with our visitors. It doesn’t have to be expensive works, but rather everyday things found in flea markets and yard sales.

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