Jackson Pollock

Many people ask me how did I get started in painting. I never took lessons. I never thought I could paint (or draw). I actually never thought I wanted to. But about 13 years ago, my wife Christine developed pancreatic cancer, and I became her full-time caregiver. I had dabbled in painting briefly a few years before but decided to really get into it as an outlet while caring for her.

The real motivation came from the movie Jackson Pollock (Jackson Pollock trailer). I became enthralled with the thought of laying out a large canvas and throwing paint around. So I did. Well, not exactly like he did. My canvases were much smaller, my paint was acrylic, not oil, and my technique was different. None the less, he was my model.

As I have said before, you never know where your inspiration will come from. Be open to it. It may present itself in the direst of circumstances. Or in a simple movie.

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