We Are All Creative

I have a book that I love. “Creativity. The Perfect Crime” by Phillipe Petit

You may know that name, as he is the high wire walker who walked across the World Trade Center Towers in NYC in 1974. Petit is an amazing man, extremely creative, and absolutely in love with life. His book is a quirky, unique look at involving creativity in your life. In it, he says “Even if you are not a performer, even if you don’t have an act, do not think that you have nothing to rehearse! The art of living makes a performing artist out of you.”

This is so true. Events in my life led me to start painting, even though I have had no training, nor did I believe I could paint. I just did it as a response to life’s twists and turns. You do not have to paint. You can write, draw, play an instrument, dance, anything to bring out your creative side. Life makes us react, stretch ourselves, do things we did not believe we were capable of. What do you believe you can’t do? Go do it.

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